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Tue Apr 29, 2014, 9:44 PM
get well soon Kitamon! :)
Tue Mar 4, 2014, 2:55 PM
Just out of curiosity, who won your giveaway? :D Congrats to him/her!
Sat Jan 25, 2014, 5:23 AM
hay!mimi hotty I have this first seson of digimon lugage bag,with tai,matt and t.k and there digimons on, I am wanting to find out how much its worth?
Sun Feb 13, 2011, 7:37 AM
hopes u gets better mimi!
Tue Dec 21, 2010, 2:32 PM



Ottawa Comic Con 2014
Anime North 2014
Chibi G-Anime 2014
Otakuthon 2014

Background pony's 

11 deviants said Flutterbat
9 deviants said Vinyl Scratch
6 deviants said Coco Pommel
4 deviants said Maude Pie
4 deviants said Octavia
1 deviant said Lyra


Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts
Hi :)

I am known as Kitamon. I make custom plush and I collect figures especially Digimon and Pokemon. I have being doing custom plush for a good 5 years and started to attend conventions since 2010. I made my first costume that was Paildramon in 2011.

My favorite Digimon are Veemon digivolution especially ExVeemon, Paildramon and Imperialdramon (Fighter Mode) and also Salamon.

There is many more like Coronamon, Firamon, Appollomon, Arrestedramon, Gumdramon, Dorulumon, Gabumon digivolution.

I have being collecting Digimon with my little sister :iconsleipmon03: for over then 10 years.

:iconcommissionsclosed: :iconrequestsclosed: :icontradesclosed2:

DA family:

Conventions I will be attending for the year 2014 so far:
G-Anime 2014
Costume-Con 2014 (depends)
Ottawa Comic con 2014
Anime North 2014
Chibi G-Anime 2014
Bronycon 2014
Otakuthon 2014

V-mon Line Stamp by vanilla-dog+Garurumon Stamp+ by Blackgatomon+Calumon-Culumon Stamp+ by Blackgatomon+Magnadramon-Holydramon Stamp+ by Blackgatomon+Marineangemon Stamp+ by Blackgatomon+Kazemon-Fairymon Stamp+ by BlackgatomonSalamon Stamp by funlakotaAnimated Spadamon Stamp by SpadaStampschomp chomp -gumdramon stamp by LadyBeelzeCerberumon Stamp by KandyPrower:thumb201412544:Imperialdramon stamp by JontukkaImperialdramon stamp 2 by JontukkaLoaderLeomon Stamp by KandyProwerDobermon Stamp by Atlanta-HammyApollomon Stamp -1 by LadyBeelzeApollomon the Sun -stamp by LadyBeelze+Merukimon Stamp+ by BlackgatomonXros Wars - Dorulumon by Stamps-By-Mephie

Con preparation and moving

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 17, 2014, 2:42 PM

I have a local convention that I have a table next weekend for the day. I am not worried about my stock since I have a good amount and it's a small con. The leftover will go for Otakuthon at the end of August. 

Right now I am concentrating on two things. Commissions and con stock for Bronycon. 

For Bronycon I have about 6 plushies done and it's in 2 weeks. After chibi G-Anime, I will be only working on Bronycon stuff since there is 2 weeks left. I am planning to do 20 in total and there is already a lot that are halfway done. 

For commissions: I am trying to finish the deadlines and the ones that I can finish so I can ship them out. If I havn't started on your plush and I don't think I will not be able to finish it before Otakuthon, I will only do it after the move. Just to have less stuff to move. 

Though after Bronycon, I will be working only mostly on my Otakuthon stock since it's a really big convention. I already have a lot of pieces cut and embroidery done at least. 

At the same time, I will be doing more packing since the week before Otakuthon, I might not be able to do no more sewing since the move is coming really fast (During and after Otakuthon). 

So leftover commissions will be resumed in end of August hopefully. 

I know it sucks and this move was not planned for another year but we are now really tired of being here. 

I hope you all understand. If there is a problem with that, please contact me in private. 

Commissions and trades are closed until further notice. You can still note me for quotes and I have a wait list. 

  • Mood: Joy


Custom plush list

Current plush list:
1. Sebastien 70%
2. Aiura 40%
3. Nikolai OC 40%

Current trade list:
1. Bellossom
2. Ranamon

Deadlines for July
1. Sylveon

Deadlines for August
1. MetalSeadramon
2. Rapidash

Wait list:
1. Renamon
2. Impfermon OC
3. Stirkedramon
4. Impmon
5. Impmon
6. Red XIII
7. Dragon OC



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